Waldilla Wood Flooring

When it comes to design, nature’s beauty often outperforms anything a machine could ever create.  Wood company Waldilla recognized this and made it the essence of their business. The company’s wood flooring embraces the superiority of nature’s imperfections by creating one of a kind, made to order wood flooring that’s more beautiful because of its natural aesthetic.

Waldilla nurtures the bends and curves of logs by embedding natural lines into the overall flooring design.  Their custom shaped boards maximize the unique possibilities of irregularity, and knots and blemishes in the wood are retained to add character to the final product. Holes are filled with loose wood and then held in by transparent glue, and the final result is both understated and elegant.

To start the process, customers measure their space and choose between oak, fumed oak, birch, cherry, and sycamore maple.  The website is great about describing the unique characteristics of each wood.

Once you’ve made your decision Waldilla puts their advanced measurement tools to work in order to create most natural custom wood flooring possible.  The final result varies from the wide and beautiful to the incredibly detailed.

One of their designs goes as far as to embed a sort of four piece leafy flare insert into the surrounding wood.  It’s absolutely wonderfully executed, and a constant reminder of nature’s superiority in the realm of inspiration.


Berti Wood Flooring: The Story of the parquet that evolves. The company was founded in 1910 by Cesare Berti Villa Del Conte, now boasts market leadership in Italy. If many things have changed over time, others remain unchanged: the company has a family imprint authentic, managed directly by the owners. 
Raw materials are selected from high quality wood, which comes from forests managed in a correct and responsible for become a floor capable of enhancing the homes more diverse and making your home cozy. parquet For your valuable trust the quality of products and Berti BertiStudio.