Reclaimed Wood Flooring

This young country already has a rich history; a story that continues to unfold through the buildings and homes where early developers once worked hard to pave the path before us. There is a bridge between these two worlds, one we can still touch and experience just as our ancestors did. It is in the things they built to last.

By embracing strict Forest Stewardship Council guidelines,Huggins has become the most requested supplier of Reclaimed wood floors, also known as Antique wood floors and wood paneling in North America. When you walk on a Huggins FSC Reclaimed- Antique wood floor, you can almost feel the spirit of the past resonate beneath your feet. It is a rich, warm comfort that only time, and more time, can create.

When you purchase Huggins Reclaimed - Antique wood flooring, you’re not just a customer—you’re a custodian.