Discover the past with antique wood floors.

Antique wood floors, or reclaimed wood flooring, are made of salvaged timbers from historic buildings in strategic parts of the country. Fashioned from the beams, paneling and floorboards of barns, warehouses and other structures, antique wood floors have a timeless and age-worn look and instantly fill any space with a sense of history and connection to the past. When you walk on antique wood floors, you can almost feel the spirit of the early settlers and developers who harvested and cut these planks by hand.

Huggins Wide Plank Floors is North America's leading purveyor of antique wood floors. By embracing the strict guidelines of the forest stewardship council, Huggins  delivers antique wood floors of unmatched quality and beauty.

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Huggins  offers a variety of antique wood floors.

At Carlisle, you'll find a stunning range of options for wide plank antique floors:

  • Antique Chestnut floors have a prominent grain and a unique wormhole character – the result of insects that ate the trees after a blight in the early 1900s. Antique Chestnut may be a dark wood flooring in cocoa colors or may have a lighter tone with rich light brown hues.
  • Antique Oak floors, salvaged from historic structures along the Ohio River Valley and western Pennsylvania, have a distinguished Old World appearance. In gold, amber and rich nutty browns, Antique Oak wood is known for its strong, prominent grain and eclectic markings.
  • An Antique Heart Pine floor, in pumpkin and rich deep amber tones, shows the nail holes, water stains and saw kerfs from its original milling and installation. Reclaimed from mills and factories built during the American Industrial Revolution, Antique Heart Pine is available in three grades that offer different levels of finish.
  • Milled Barnwood offers a more rustic look, with reclaimed timber that shows the nail holes, splits, water stains and cracks. Coloration varies from auburns and yellows to rich nutty browns.
  • Original Surface Barnwood, used for wall and ceiling panels, has a strongly weathered and rustic look in color tones from brown to grey.
  • Grandpa's Floor, our most unique and rustic antique wood flooring, comes from the old floor boards and structural floor joists of old buildings. With rich pumpkin and deep charcoal color tones, the wood is cleaned and preserved with minimal milling to retain the original stains, saw kerfs and watermarks.

Wide plank floors, new and antique, show the history of the wood.

In addition to antique wood floors, Huggins offers a variety of newunfinished wood flooring and prefinished wood floor products. With fewer seams and showing more character in the wood, Carlisle wide plank floors help create dramatic spaces with an open and clean look. Each plank in a Carlisle floor allows more of the wood's history to be revealed and helps make your floor one of the most enduring architectural features of your space.

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